Murrysville Guide

Welcome to Murrysville, a vibrant and welcoming community located in
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. This guide will provide an introduction to all
that Murrysville has to offer. From its rich history and cultural heritage to its
modern amenities and attractions, this guide will help you explore the many
exciting opportunities available in this thriving municipality. Murrysville was
founded in 1788 as part of the Purchase of 1784. It is now home to over 20,000
residents and is governed by a mayor who is elected every two years and a
seven-member council whose members are elected every four years. As the
gateway between Pittsburgh and rural parts of Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands
region, Murrysville provides visitors with easy access to a variety of outdoor
recreational activities. The municipality is also home to several businesses,
including several major employers. Murrysville offers residents and visitors alike
a wealth of opportunities for entertainment, education, and relaxation.

1) What Makes Up Murrysville
Murrysville comprises nine distinct neighborhoods and villages that each bring
their unique flavor to the municipality: Murrysville Heights, Heather Highlands,
Franklin Estates, Settlers Ridge (The Ridge), Dunningtown, Newlonsburg,
Ringertown, Sardis, and White Valley. These neighborhoods are home to a variety
of recreational activities such as golf courses and parks; cultural attractions
including museums and historic sites; shopping centers; churches; community
centers; libraries; restaurants; schools and more.
Murrysville Heights is an area of the town that is mainly residential and features
several parks, including Murrysville community park.
Heather Highlands is a small but bustling village in the heart of Murrysville that
features a variety of stores, restaurants, and other amenities.
Franklin Estates is an upscale residential area with many upscale homes and
picturesque views.

Settlers Ridge (The Ridge) is an area of town known for its rolling hills and
stunning vistas. The neighborhood offers several recreational areas including
playgrounds, trails, and parks.
Dunningtown is a community home to small businesses as well as churches and
historical sites including the site where General Braddock met his demise during
the French & Indian War.
Newlonsburg is a bustling village that offers a variety of shopping and dining
Ringertown is a residential neighborhood that offers several recreation
opportunities including the Ringertown Recreation Center, which features a pool
and gymnasium.
Sardis is an area known for its small-town charm and rural beauty, with many
farms located throughout the neighborhood.
White Valley is an unincorporated community, home to several historical sites
such as The Old Stone Church, built in 1806.

2) School District That Serves Murrysville
Franklin Regional School District proudly serves the students of Murrysville and
its surrounding communities. The District is governed by a nine-member, publicly
elected Board of School Directors and currently consists of four schools. All of
these schools offer a wide range of educational opportunities for both
elementary and secondary school students. Franklin Regional Senior High School
is home to approximately 1,200 students in grades 9 through 12. The school
provides an education focused on relevant skills such as communication,
teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, and more. In addition to
traditional academics, the high school also offers a robust selection of
extracurricular activities including athletics, performing arts, student clubs and
organizations, community service activities, and more. Franklin Regional Middle

School serves grades 6-8 and is dedicated to providing its students with a
rigorous educational experience that focuses on developing critical thinking and
problem-solving skills. The school provides a wide range of extracurricular
activities such as athletics, music and performing arts, clubs, and organizations,
student councils, community service projects, and more. Franklin Regional
Intermediate School serves grades 3-5 with an emphasis on developing critical
thinking skills, problem-solving, and collaboration. The challenging yet supportive
learning environment provides students with a variety of opportunities to explore
their interests while preparing them for success at the middle school level.
Franklin Regional Primary School serves students K-2 and provides an engaging
learning environment where all students are encouraged to reach their full
potential through dedicated instruction and support from the talented staff of
educators. The primary school provides a safe and supportive learning
environment while using evidence-based instructional strategies designed to
engage each student. The Franklin Regional School District is committed to
providing an excellent education experience for all students in Murrysville and its
surrounding communities. With its focus on rigorous academics, innovative
programs, extracurricular activities, and community partnerships, the district
strives to create an engaging learning environment where every student can
reach their full potential.
Mother of Sorrows Schools is proud to be part of Murrysville. While educating its
students, the school also actively fosters a love for nature and outdoor activities
by providing access to green spaces such as grounds, trails, and parks. The
school strives to create an atmosphere of respect and responsibility for our
natural environment so that all students may appreciate its importance in their
daily lives. By connecting with these local green spaces, Mother of Sorrows
Schools provides its students with a unique learning experience that is both
educational and fun. The Diocese of Greensburg is committed to nurturing
children in body, mind, and spirit through Catholic education at Mother of
Sorrows Schools. With its focus on academic excellence, faith formation,
extracurricular activities, and social and emotional learning, the school provides a
comprehensive educational experience for all its students. The school is
dedicated to helping students grow into responsible and compassionate
members of the community. As part of its mission, Mother of Sorrows Schools

offers a variety of programs and resources to support student success including
an after-school program, summer camps, and extracurricular activities.
At Mother of Sorrows Schools, they believe that education is fundamental to the
development of our children. They strive to create an environment in which each
student can reach their full potential and become a lifelong learner. With its
strong commitment to faith, academics, and extracurricular activities, Mother of
Sorrows School is dedicated to helping all its students grow in compassion and
knowledge. The Diocese of Greensburg is proud to be part of the Murrysville
community and is committed to providing a quality Catholic education for all its
students. Mother of Sorrows School is proud to serve the children and families of
Murrysville and its surrounding communities. Through our commitment to
rigorous academics, innovative programs, and extracurricular activities, they
strive to create an engaging learning environment where every student can reach
their full potential. They are dedicated to our mission of educating children in
body, mind, and spirit.

3) Supporting Local Businesses In Murrysville
Classic Auto Refinishing specializes in restoring classic cars to their original
Dicks Diner serves up some of the best burgers and fries in town.
Doggone Awesome Pet Services offers fun activities and classes to help keep
furry friends happy, healthy, and safe.
Elite Coach Limousine and Transportation provide reliable, luxurious
transportation services for events large and small.
Export Tire provides quality tire products and services for all your automotive
Flex Screen Pittsburgh specializes in offering top-quality window screens and
screen repairs.

Ginny’s Neighborhood Pizza Joint serves up delicious pizzas that are sure to
satisfy even the pickiest eaters.
Helltown Brewing offers a variety of craft beer styles, brewed on-premises in
small batches.
Jeff’s Auto Care offers a full range of auto repair and maintenance services.
Marceys Kiddie Land offers fun-filled indoor play experiences for children of all
Murrysville Cleaners provides convenient pickup and delivery services as well as
same-day turnarounds on most orders.
Penn Murry Bar and Kitchen is a local favorite for delicious food, drinks, and good
Rick’s Sports Bar & Grill has everything you need for an enjoyable night out –
from arcade games to tasty eats!
Steel City Parkour is the premier gym for athletes who want to take their physical
fitness to the next level.
Steve’s Auto Service specializes in providing quality automobile maintenance and
repair services at competitive rates.
Tech Garage Door Repair of Murrysville provides reliable service and repairs for
garage door systems in the area.
Walker’s Pet Hotel & Care Center offers exceptional pet care services that include
overnight boarding, daycare, grooming, training, and more.
380 Discount Warehouse is your one-stop shop for all your discount needs,
offering an expansive selection of quality items at unbeatable prices.

412 Vape and Tobacco provide top-of-the-line vaping products as well as a wide
selection of premium cigars for adult tobacco users.

4) Parks and Recreation In Murrysville
Westmoreland Heritage Trail
Roberts’ Trailhead Murrysville Visitors Center is a great destination for visitors
looking to explore the Westmoreland Heritage Trail, which runs through
Murrysville and Trafford. The center offers restroom facilities, picnic tables, water
fountains, trails, and parking (including two ADA-accessible parking spots).
Visitors can also rent bikes at the center to explore more of the area.
The Turtle Creek Gorge has picturesque views as it winds through Murrysville,
allowing visitors to appreciate nature in all its glory. For those seeking a more
active experience, there are multiple public trails including the 4-mile loop around
Hunker Hill reservoir that provide hikers with breathtaking views of natural areas
in Murrysville and its surrounding communities.
Community Parks
Duff Park is a community favorite in Murrysville. It offers eight picnic tables, a
pavilion, porta-johns, parking for cars and bikes, and a walking track. Duff Park is
designated as a wild plant sanctuary by the Pennsylvania Department of
Conservation and Natural Resources and provides visitors with access to some
of the most beautiful natural views in Murrysville.
Pleasant Valley Park is a 250-acre parcel of rolling fields, woodlands, and
streams. It is the perfect spot for hikers, day walkers, or trail bikers to explore. Its
only improvement is compacted earth trails that lead through this peaceful place
of beauty and natural surroundings.
Sardis Park is another great spot in Murrysville. It offers eight picnic tables, a
pavilion, electric and lighting service, horseshoe pits, campfire rings, grills, and a
playground. Alcohol permits are available for use in the park. Sardis Park is
perfect for family and company parties, picnics, or any other outdoor outing.

Townsend Park is a favorite for sports enthusiasts in Murrysville. It boasts
baseball and softball fields, walking trails, and a playground structure. This park
is located off Twin Oaks Drive, which is near the municipal buildings on Sardis
Road. Trails offer easy to difficult terrain. The American Legion flagpole and the
Rotary Garden surround the gazebo which is often used for family portraits and
wedding photos. Visitors can also take advantage of Remaley Pond by fishing or
exploring its picturesque banks. Stocked annually, this pond offers a great spot to
relax while enjoying nature’s beauty with friends and family.
Murrysville Community Park is the largest park in Murrysville. It offers a wide
range of recreational activities including soccer and baseball fields, bike trails,
shuffleboard courts, horseshoe pits, bocce ball courts, grills, picnic tables, and
pavilions. This spot is perfect for hosting large events or small gatherings with
friends and family. The American Legion flagpole is located adjacent to the east
side of the park. Restrooms are available during summer months and
ADA-accessible parking is provided throughout the area.
Neighborhood Parks
Bear Hollow Park provides a great spot for neighbors to come together and enjoy
their time outdoors. Located off of Trouthaven Drive in Heather Highlands, the
park includes a stream that runs along one edge, 8 picnic tables, a pavilion with
electric and lighting service, grills, playground structures, baseball/softball fields,
tennis courts, horseshoe pits, and porta-johns. Bear Hollow Park is the perfect
destination for spending quality time with family or friends.
Chambers Park is a great spot to explore and enjoy nature in Murrysville. It
boasts a newly installed playground for ages 2-12, 8 picnic tables, basketball
courts, water fountains, trails, and parking (including two ADA-accessible spots).
Visitors can also rent bikes at the center to explore more of the area. This is an
ideal spot to spend some time outdoors with family or friends.
Heritage Park is a neighborhood park located off Logan Ferry Road on Cypress
Drive in the Heritage Estates plan and is also accessible from Sardis Road. This
spot has 8 picnic tables, a basketball court, grills, parking for cars and bikes, a
pavilion with electric service, portable restrooms, and a playground structure.

Kovalczik Park is the smallest park in Murrysville. It has two entrances and
parking areas, one at the end of Koval Court and one at the end of Henry Hudson
Drive. There is no water or electricity available here, but it does have 8 picnic
tables, a pavilion, a grill, a playground structure, a basketball court, and a
porta-john. This spot is perfect for small gatherings or family outings with
Pedora Park is Murrysville’s newest park. It has 8 picnic tables, grills, an outdoor
pavilion with electric and lighting service, horseshoe pits, campfire rings,
playground structures, trails, and a pond stocked annually. This spot is perfect for
family gatherings or any other outdoor outing. Visitors can also take advantage
of the American Legion flagpole adjacent to the park.
Nature Reserves
Lilian Kellman Reserve and Peter and Victoria Skena Reserve are two wooded,
hilly nature reserves in Murrysville. The 56-acre Kellman reserve provides loop
trails for visitors to explore on foot or with their dogs. There is a small stream
running through the valley between the two reserves, which originates from a
pond located at the headwater of the Skena Reserve (22 acres). This area offers
visitors a quiet oasis in one of the most densely populated areas of Murrysville.
Visitors can relax by fishing or exploring its picturesque banks.
Historic Sites
Staymates Log Cabin is one of the oldest and most iconic landmarks in
Murrysville. The cabin was built in 1798 by William Staymates, who lived there
with his wife and twelve children until the early 1900s. This two-story log cabin
may have served as a rest stop for early settlers traveling west and has been
referred to as a ‘blockhouse’ used in defense against Indian attacks. Today, it
serves as an important reminder of our area’s rich history and is located along
the historic Forbes Road, built in 1758 by Samuel Hoey (spelling changed to Hoy
around 1814). Visitors can take tours of this site during the summer months or
just enjoy its rustic beauty from afar.
Sports Fields
Veterans and Beckwith Sports Fields are two sports fields located next to the
Municipal Building on Sardis Road, popular for use by football, lacrosse, and

soccer organizations. Veterans’ Field is nearest the pavilion with 8 tables and is
often used for family picnics and parties. Beckwith Field has a playground
structure, 3 horseshoe pits, 2 porta-johns, and parking. It is mainly used for youth
league practices or games but can also be rented out for private events.
The Royal Highlands ball field is no longer maintained.

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6) Distances Between Popular Amenities and Murrysville
PNC Park – 22 miles
Phipps Conservatory – 18 miles

Mount Washington – 21 miles
Acrisure Stadium – 22 miles
PPG Paints Arena -21 miles
Pittsburgh International Airport – 39 miles
Arnold Palmer Regional Airport – 27 miles
Liberty Bell Center – 298 miles
Hershey Park – 207 miles
Gettysburg National Military Park – 187 miles
Presque Isle State Park – 143 miles
Philadelphia Museum of Art – 295 miles
Fallingwater – 51 miles
Carnegie Museum of Natural History – 19 miles
Pennsylvania State Capitol – 195 miles
Pittsburgh Zoo – 18 miles

Murrysville is a great place to live with many amenities and attractions close by.
From the historic Staymates Cabin to the Veterans and Beckwith Sports Fields,
there are plenty of outdoor activities for residents to enjoy. Adam Slivka is an
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