Westmoreland County Guide

Westmoreland County, located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Learn about its rich
history and diverse culture as well as some of its greatest attractions. Discover the best places
to visit, eat, and stay while exploring this beautiful area. Also, find out what makes it such a
great place to live and why it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the

1) Exploring The Beauty Of Westmoreland County

Westmoreland County is known for its vast natural beauty, which extends from the rolling hills of
the Allegheny Mountains to the lush green farmland that covers much of the county. It's no
surprise that Westmoreland County is a popular destination for tourists looking to explore
Pennsylvania's wild outdoors.
One of the best ways to experience Westmoreland County's natural beauty is to go hiking, as
numerous trails traverse through woodlands and pastures, offering stunning views of streams,
rivers, and lakes. For example, the Linn Run State Park offers more than seven miles of hiking
trails as well as a scenic overlook at its highest point. Other popular trails include those at
Kooser State Park and Laurel Ridge State Park.
Water lovers can also enjoy Westmoreland County, with its many rivers, lakes, and waterfalls.
The Youghiogheny River flows through Westmoreland County, providing ample opportunities for
fishing, kayaking, and even whitewater rafting. Further north in the county are several beautiful
lakes like Keystone Lake, where visitors can take part in swimming or boating activities or just
relax on sandy beaches. Finally, some of Pennsylvania’s most famous waterfalls - like Ohiopyle
Falls - are located in Westmoreland County and provide breathtaking views year-round.
In addition to outdoor recreation opportunities such as hiking and water sports, visitors can also
explore many historical sites throughout Westmoreland County. Tourists will find everything
from colonial-era buildings to old churches that have stood since before the Revolutionary War.
Fort Ligonier is one popular attraction in particular; an impressive stone fort built by British
troops during their occupation of Pittsburgh in 1758 during the French & Indian War.
Ultimately, there is something for everyone in Westmoreland County! From stunning views of
mountains and rivers to an abundance of outdoor activities including swimming and fishing – not
to mention historical sites – this area has it all! With its wide range of attractions and beautiful
scenery all around it's no wonder why so many people flock here every year!

2) Experiencing Westmoreland County's Rich History

Westmoreland County has a long and rich history, dating back to its founding in 1773. While
much of the area’s past is shrouded in mystery and colonial-era buildings have long been
forgotten, there are still plenty of historical sites and stories to explore throughout Westmoreland
For starters, Fort Ligonier is one of the best-preserved forts from the French & Indian War in
North America. It was built by British soldiers in 1758 during their occupation of Pittsburgh and
offers visitors a unique glimpse into 18th-century warfare. During the fort's heyday, it housed up
to 1,500 troops and held off a siege by French forces led by General Montcalm. In addition to
touring the grounds, visitors can also learn about the fort's history through exhibits in its
Other notable historical sites include Hanna’s Town, which served as the first county seat of
Westmoreland County from 1773-1786. Nestled among rolling hills just south of Greensburg, it
was here that some of the earliest settlers founded their homes and businesses as well as
established churches and even schools. While most structures at Hanna’s Town are now gone,
visitors can still explore its brick houses and gristmill structures along with several other
remnants from its past such as old stone walls and chimneys.
Besides forts and settlements, Westmoreland County is home to numerous churches that date
back centuries. The Saint Vincent Basilica dates back to 1846 and features stunning
architecture with intricate stained glass windows that adorn its walls. Another popular religious
site is The Church of Our Lady of Grace Monastery which was constructed in 1840 by Catholic
Benedictine monks who settled in Latrobe Valley. Today, the monastery serves as both an
active church where services are held every Sunday morning as well as a museum dedicated to
preserving local history where visitors can explore old photographs and artifacts from times
gone by.
Finally, various educational institutions across Westmoreland County provide insight into its rich
history such as Seton Hill University located just outside Greensburg. Founded by Mother
Elizabeth Ann Seton in 1875, this university continues to carry on her legacy today through a
diverse curriculum that includes classes focused on local history including Pennsylvania
Industrial History or Artistic Traditions in Appalachia - both of which offer students an immersive
experience into the area’s fascinating past!
Ultimately, there’s so much to discover about Westmoreland County's rich history! From forts
that date back centuries ago to churches that still stand today – you're sure to find something
interesting around every corner! Whether you choose to visit museums or take part in guided
tours – you'll be sure to find something special while exploring this area!

3) Things To Do In Westmoreland County

From exploring historical sites to taking part in outdoor activities, there are plenty of things to do
in Westmoreland County! Whether you're looking for a fun family outing or a relaxing day trip,
this area has something for everyone.
One popular activity is visiting the many parks throughout the county. Take Cedar Creek Park,
for example – it's an expansive park with over 100 acres of woodlands and meadows to explore!
This park is perfect for a stroll through nature or a more adventurous hike. It includes several
trails that range from easy to challenging, allowing visitors to choose the path that best suits
their needs. Additionally, Cedar Creek Park offers various amenities such as picnic areas,
pavilions, playgrounds, and even a water park for those hot summer days!
If you’re looking for something more outdoorsy then check out Adventure Outfitters located in
Greensburg. Here visitors can go rafting on the Youghiogheny River – one of Pennsylvania’s
most scenic waterways boasting breathtaking views of its surrounding countryside. In addition to
whitewater rafting, they also offer kayaking and canoeing excursions complete with all
necessary equipment so all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself!
For those interested in history and culture there are plenty of attractions too! The Westmoreland
Museum of American Art is an excellent place to start learning about local history. Located in
downtown Greensburg, this museum features artwork from notable American artists such as
John Singer Sargent and Georgia O'Keeffe as well as pieces from local artists like Andrew
Wyeth and Mary Cassatt - among others! It also hosts special exhibits throughout the year
which provide visitors with unique insight into our past while also celebrating current artistic
Finally, don’t forget about shopping opportunities here at Westmoreland County either –
especially if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind souvenirs or handmade items made by local
artisans. From farmer's markets, chock full of fresh produce to flea markets selling antiques and
vintage goods – this area has something special waiting around every corner! And if all else fails
you can always take a stroll down Main Street in Greensburg where endless boutiques and
specialty shops line its sidewalks with trinkets galore sure to entice any shopper no matter what
their tastes may be!
There's truly something for everyone here at Westmoreland County whether you’re looking for
outdoor activities or cultural experiences – making it an ideal spot for both day trips or longer
vacations alike! So make sure to check out everything this beautiful area has to offer during
your next visit – it certainly won't disappoint!

4) What Townships Makeup Westmoreland County
Allegheny Township sits northwest of Lower Burrell touching Armstrong County border located
on upper Leechburg Hill Road extending nearly 18 sq miles having little over 4500 citizens
residing inside every corner it bares. This particular town offers access to a number of important highways including US - 22 leading the way to Apollo, PA - 28 going east towards Kittanning
plus PA - 66 moving south towards Tarentum so everyone around may easily visit anytime they
need no matter what direction coming from.
Bell Township covers an area of 30 square miles with a population of over 5500 people living
within its borders. The township is located roughly 20 miles north of Greensburg and is situated
between the Kiskiminetas River to the east and Beaver Run Reservoir to the west. There are
several places to walk and bike in the township including the Westmoreland heritage Trail.
Cook Township lies just in the southeast corner of Westmoreland county encompassing a total
of 15 sq miles of land. Cook township is historically primarily a rural farming-based settlement
although recently seen development housing complexes scattered around town modern day
present day offers a great array of outdoor activities such as hiking trails mountain biking nature
walks bird watching hunting trapping various lake shore fishing opportunities lakefront
campgrounds recreational vehicle sites both primitive and fully equipped.
Derry Township has a population of approximately 8,000 people and covers approximately 24
square miles. Derry Township is a rural area with small towns that provide essential services to
its residents. There are several parks, including keystone state park, which provide hiking trails,
fishing spots, playgrounds, and picnic areas for locals to enjoy.
Donegal Township lies in the southwestern portion of Westmoreland County about 30 minutes
east of Pittsburgh. This rural community has around 7000 inhabitants living in its 36 sq miles.
It’s known for its beautiful rolling hills that have been used for agricultural purposes since its
East Huntingdon Township is situated on 37 square miles and has a population of 11,119 as per
2017 estimates. This region was founded by Scotch-Irish immigrants around 1765 who named it
after their homeland's county “Huntingdonshire” in England. In 2010 East Huntingdon was
declared an official U.S Census-designated place for statistical purposes only as its population
had increased significantly since 2000. Agriculture remains important here but there has been
growth in other sectors like hospitality & tourism.
Fairfield Township lies in the north east corner of the county comprising roughly 19 sq miles of
mostly hilly terrain boasting a diverse range of wildlife species and abundant native flora and
fauna with picturesque views to create a peaceful natural setting. The township also contains a
network of wooded trails and scenic roads that are popular with hikers, bikers, and horse riders.
Hempfield Township covers an area of 36 square miles making it one greater township within
Westmoreland county Pennsylvania. According to census data recorded back in 2016 estimated
28703 inhabitants were living inside Hempfield. Parks and trails in the area are Hempfield Park,
Brooklane Neighborhood Playground, and Woodward Drive Walking Track.

Ligonier is situated in the heart of Laurel Highlands region Commonwealth a few miles northeast
of Latrobe. It remains a busy tourist stopover spot with a number of local attractions and
landmarks that offer visitors the opportunity to explore a wide range of historical sites, wineries,
golf courses, state parks, natural conservation areas, forest streams, waterways and unique
culture tavern shops. Not far away you’ll find popular attractions like Idlewild Amusement Park
providing thrilling roller coaster rides plus a fun-filled water park is among the favorite
destinations for multiple families during various weekends throughout the entire summer
Loyalhanna Township covers an area of 15 square miles and has a population of over 3,000
people. It is a rural area with plenty of outdoor activities for recreation such as hiking or riding
horses. The most notable areas within the township are the Loyalhanna Dam and Loyalhanna
Lower Burrell Township is situated between Vandergrift & Tarentum both neighboring cities
featuring a variety of stores, art galleries & even shopping centers for locals to visit when
needed. This particular township consists of a total area of around 19 sq miles & consists of
almost 6000 inhabitants making it one most populous locations near the vicinity.
Mt Pleasant Township is nestled in the scenic Laurel Highlands of western Pennsylvania. It is
home to nearly 7,000 residents who enjoy its peaceful atmosphere and rolling hillsides. A
popular park in the area is Mammoth Park, home to the giant slide. The township is served by
several school districts including Greater Latrobe, Hempfield Area, Southmoreland, Mount
Pleasant Area, and Connellsville Area.
Murrysville is a borough located about 20 miles east of Pittsburgh situated along US Route 22
between Monroeville and Delmont with an estimated population of just over 8000 persons as
per most recent census data figures (2020). Murrysville was incorporated as a borough shortly
after its original incorporation as a village in 1950. It consists mainly of residential
neighborhoods but also contains commercial centers such as Murrysville Plaza shopping center
off William Penn Hwy (US22), Walnut Ridge Shopping Center off Old William Penn Hwy, the
Turtle Creek Crossing shopping center off US 22 near Murrysville Community Park plus some
smaller local business establishments interspersed throughout.
North Huntingdon Township spans an area of 36 square miles with a population estimated at
30644 per 2017 estimates making it one of the larger townships within Westmoreland county
Pennsylvania. What sets North Huntingdon apart from other townships are wonderful attractions
such as Irwin County Club offering mesmerizing green landscapes dotted by thick trees while
also presenting plenty of options for avid golfers looking up championship-style courses.
Moreover, if you would rather take strolls through nature then you can pay to visit Oak Hollow
Park featuring picnic groves, walking paths, playgrounds, etc. making it an ideal destination
during weekend outings or family reunions!

Penn Township is home to a population of more than 8,000 people and covers an area of 14
square miles. The township was established in 1782 and named after the Pennsylvania family
that owned much of the land at the time. Penn Township is home to several recreational areas,
including parks with walking trails, playgrounds, and athletic fields. The area is served by Penn-
Trafford School District, with five elementary schools and two middle schools, and one high
Rostraver is a township with a total area of 36.8 square miles. Its population was estimated at
11,731 in 2017 and continues to grow as the area expands. The name Rostraver is derived from
Latin and means "large shore," which is reflective of its riverside location near the Monongahela
River. The city has a long history dating back to the 1700s when settlers first came to the area.
Today it is home to many different businesses, schools, parks, and recreational sites.
Salem Township has a population of more than 8500 people according to the 2010 census
report. It covers an area of approximately 14 square miles. It is served by multiple school
districts including Franklin Regional, Penn-Trafford, Greater Latrobe, Hempfield, Greensburg
Salem, Kiski Area, Derry Area, and River Valley.
Sewickley Township covers an area of 33 square miles and had a population of 860 according
to 2016 census data estimates - making it one of Westmoreland County's smallest townships by
population size! Sewickley township has proved attractive mainly due to its beautiful rural
atmosphere where people can enjoy some peace & quiet away from city life yet remain close
enough so that they don't miss out on any metropolitan conveniences either – all within easy
South Huntingdon Township covers an area of 43.3 square miles and had a population of 7,120
in 2017. The main industry in South Huntingdon is agriculture, with dairy farming being one of its
main drivers of economic activity. There are also several small businesses located here as well
as some scenic parks.
St. Clair Township is about 25 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. The population was around 1,300
at the 2020 census. It is one of the three communities in the county that utilize 814 as the area
code alongside New Florence and Seward. It is known for its historical landmarks the Squirrel
Hill Site and the Laurel Hill Furnace.
Unity Township has a population of over 17,000 people and covers an area of 69 square miles.
Unity Township was formed out of part of Mt Pleasant Township. Its most popular attraction is
Twin Lakes Park which is great for walking, fishing, bike riding, etc. Residents are served by the
school districts Greater Latrobe, Hempfield Area, Greensburg Salem, Ligonier Valley, Derry
Area, and Mount Pleasant Area.
Upper Burrell Township covers an area exceeding 25 sq miles while boasting more than 5300
residents living inside its borders. Local businesses in Upper Burrell include Woodpecker’s Pub
& Grub as well as the Union Barn, a popular event center.

Washington Township sits beside the Allegheny River covering an area of approximately 27
square miles with a population approaching 6500 people living within its borders. It was founded
from Salem township in 1789. Deep mining was done underneath most of the township, as coal
mining was once a significant industry in the area.

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In Conclusion
Westmoreland County is a vibrant and diverse region of Pennsylvania that offers plenty of
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