Buying Your Dream Home Requires Strategic Guidance and Negotiation

If your existing home lacks the space and amenities for your growing needs, a larger home can eliminate these problems. However, finding a suitable home within your desired budget can be a stressful process. Without the proper strategic guidance, you may miss out on acquiring your dream home or acquire a home only to experience costly repairs down the road.

It’s my job to find you a quality dream home—within budget.

You work hard for a reason. So when you find your suitable home dream home, my team and I will expertly negotiate an offer—without you overpaying.

Yes, we have consistently repeated this process over 600 times—and based on results are currently ranked as the number #3 Century 21 team in PA.

Our successful buying process begins by understanding your unique needs and lifestyle. Using our proprietary home search methods, we’ll create a schedule that fits your busy schedule. Since our system always puts you first, you’ll never wonder what the next step is.

What to Expect from Adam Slivka and His Team:

  • Initial Phone Call

We will cover your goals, our process, and if it’s a fit, schedule your strategic Home Search Consultation.

  • Strategic Home Search Consultation

In about 90 minutes, we’ll cover your goals in detail and outline our step-by-step strategy for getting you your ideal property with the best terms. We will also cover the specifics you need to know for focusing your search, help you understand financing options, legal paperwork, and important stats pertaining to the market.

  • Next Steps

After the Strategic Home search Consultation, we will set up automated alerts based on your specific search criteria. Our extensive connections mean we’ll learn about off-market opportunities first-hand, before the rest of the market. And if you have a specific neighborhood preference, we’ll leverage our vast network to find out if anyone there is thinking about moving. With our expertise, we’ll finely tune our proven strategies to match your exact needs to find you your perfect dream home—within budget.

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